Synovaction B.V. is a Dutch company that is specialized in consultancy for companies in the horticultural sector in the areas of:

  • Propagation and breeding
  • Optimization of business processes and technologies
  • Genetic and technical innovations
  • Market development, construction and/or optimization of export activities

The focus is on generating Synergy by handling an Active policy to match Innovations of companies with the right commercial companies and vice versa.

To obtain valuable innovations for nowadays professional and demanding market, very often these companies have to be highly specialized. To make it a commercial and financial success many other conditions have to be created which often are not optimally met. The reverse may be true as well: strong commercial companies need to find innovative marketable products to enforce their strategic commercial policy. Synovaction is specialized in bringing together various companies and assisting them in achieving an optimal product/market combination.

Synovaction uses a scientific background and more than 20 years experience in the floriculture sector:

  1. a global network of
    1. specialized commercial trading companies
    2. breeding/propagation companies
    3. growing technical expertise in both soil and substrate crops in many parts of the world
    4. Technical experts
  2. breeding of both generative and vegetative propagated crops
  3. tissue culture propagation
  4. growing technical expertise in both soil and substrate crops in many parts of the world
  5. marketing and promotional activities

On the next pages you will find a number of practical innovations that now are matched with excellent commercial partners. Perhaps you're looking for innovations that can help to enforce your marketing strategy, or you obtained innovations, which you want to introduce into the international market.

Are you interested or you want a detailed explanation of the options, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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